NIHB Mare Development Series

NIHB Mares Development Series 2022


Within breeding circles, it is commonly known that the mare is very influential in the makeup of their offspring’s ability.


Launching their latest concept, the Northern Ireland Horse Board have revealed their inaugural Mares Development Series, supported by Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan.


Commenting on the launch of the series, a NIHB representative said “For years we have been hearing that the Irish mare herd needs to be supported and strengthened.  It is hoped that our development series will go some way to provide the building blocks to develop our mares in the future”.


Aaron McCusker of the Meadows Equestrian Centre said that they are delighted to be “supporting the Northern Ireland Horse Board in their first running of their development series for mares” and hoped that both organisations would be able to collaborate again in the future.


Combining the breeding know-how of the Northern Ireland Horse Board and the certifiable performance records of Showjumping Ireland.  There will be qualifying events held throughout Ireland, where all double clear mares competing in 1m – 1.20m classes will be eligible for the final to be held at Meadows Centre at their Autumn Championship Horse Show, scheduled for 24th -25th September 2022, where a total prize fund of £2250 will be on offer.



Highest placed 4 Year old in the 1m Grand Final

Highest Placed 5 Year Old in the 1.10m Grand Final

Highest Placed 6 Year old in the 1.20m Grand Final


Northern Ireland Horse Board Mare Merits will be awarded to all double clears in the Grand Final classes.  


Qualified Combinations:
Additional combinations will be added in due course as qualifier results are verified
81 75 41
1m Qualified Combinations 1.10m Qualified Combinations 1.20m Qualified Combinations
Horse Rider Horse Rider Horse Rider Rider
Glasdrumman Pippa Emma Jackson Keeford High RIse Lauren McGlennon Georgia Mae Tara Dunne
Lough Scur Lux Georgie Lynch Tynan Dream Emma Jackson Miss Valent Nicole Kershaw
Aurora Z Ross Trearty Amy B Emma Jackson Corlioni Lisa Priestley
Ballylee Captain Connie Gibson WKD Spice Jodie Creighton Fly High Mable Ellen Thompson
Ballylurgan What Lux Hannah Thompson Ranallco Samuel Wilson MMRS Priavate Jet Mark Reid
Miss Roman Kora Caroline Gaston Elamo Diamond Beach Trudie McCoosh Colesgrove Pacini Olive Clarke
Crystal Belle Emma Mooney Darco Du Powerfee Craig Kannan Diamantee Feaha Moore
TMSH First Class Trudie McCoosh Karma HDH Ben Walsh Dohickie Isabelle Duffy
Kilbracken Cornet Queen Stacey Watling Tinneys Ballyheerin Star Melissa Tinney OSH Camille Mark Byrne
NEAT Regina Paul Tang Lough Scur Lux Georgie Lynch Dollar Star Z Beverly Irwin
Tanglemane Magical Flame Dervla Boylan CAFRE Olympic Dream Lynne Russell Calgot Corona Luke Campbell
Tinneys Ballyheerin Star Melissa Tinney Tassagh Sky Doctor Taylor McKnight Ludo’s Promise Barry McCormack
DSL Lola Jodie Creightion Miss Jones Shannon MacKenzie Lougherne Kingfisher Hannah Blakely
RRC Bonnie Ailish McLaughlin Sydney PMD Samuel Wilson Happyness R Angela Kosko
Royale Duchess Kaitlyn de Kleer Tynan Delight Edward Little CAFRE Olympic Dream Lynne Russell
Derrynalicka Silva Ruth Masterson Diamant Ally Courtney Sloan Quintabell Fergus Reid
Lanzamore Ellen Mclay Amy’s Maybe Luke Campbell Poppys Flash Back Shane McCloskey
Castlelawn Andromeda Fionnghuala Benson Westmore Tori Showkum Trebra Premier Douglas Darren Irwin
Lonestar Suzanne Posnett Aurora Z Ross Trearty Doneybrewer Quest Rachel McKimmon
Larkhill Countess Carole Smilie Triple C Ian Moore Luscinia Eickenrode Suzanne Posnett
Delux Junior Corrine Hyde Yes Miss Samuel Wilson My Arabella Conal Kelly
Castleroche Rascal Keelin Moore Chatsworth Danielle Finnghuala Benson McCleans Pacino Royale Kerry Taggart
Lammy Ellisma Olivia Roulston A Star is Born Isabelle Duffy Ludo’s Promise Barry McCormack
BEC Lenka Craig Hopkins Clabbystown Emilia. Shane McCloskey Omard Hawaii Queen Sara McMordie
Quality Derry Queen Zara Sharkey Kilcreevy Lady Caitlin McCracken BWE Nonstop Caprice Shane O’Reilly
Yes Miss Stacey Watling Bellatrix Faye Newman Paris Delux Daryl Somerville
Easytime Jenny Montgomery Bonmahon Breakin Hearts Harry Haire Roses for the Lady Zara Keys
Carrickadawson Star Phoebe Harbinson HHS Fifi Santiago Aguirre Premier Domino Demilee McKenna
Longfield Trinity Charlotte Greer Admiran Athena Sarah Fitzgerald Akasha Lynne Russell
Maho Beach Jess Vaughan Harlequins Butterfly Natalie Somerville Novellent Nicole Kershaw
Dark Art Robert McKee Casitelle W Ellen Kenny Derryinver Premier Sarah Lisa Priestley
Hill Farm Meadow Michelle McElhatton BWE Hain Hero Shane O’Reilly Deloughtane Matoaka Kerrie Kerr
Ballygreenan Break Point Hugo McAlpine FSD Dance A Lot Zoe Dickey CAFRE Scarlett Luxann Kathryn ‘Hagan
Blossomhill Perfection Rebecca Knox Ludo’s Promise Barry McCormack Larkhill Cruisette Jonathan Smyth
Orchard Athena D’Or Lindsay Boyce Lougherne Contessa Hannah Blakely Lincourt Quality Kevin Mackey
Innocense Taryn McClurkin BWE Special Rose Shane O’Reilly Serenade B Jonathan Smyth
Hanley News Karen Pearson Karmijn Suzanne Posnett Cluain Mor Celtic Jonathan Smyth
Woodbank Clover Vannesa Sweeney Elf Queen Sarah Kinnear Dundoctro’s Magic Sarah Irwin
GHS Step in Tyme Eric Smith Talbot Siss Egle Zakaraite Ballylurgan What Lux Hannah Thompson
Pembrooke Fritzelle Sarah M Kelly Sivanna R Tyrone Flanagan Tynan Dream Emma Jackson
Pacini Louise Thompson Shanroe Socialite Catriona Cody Caltra Classic Clare Abbott
Ardragh Dancing Lady Jennifer Leaper Premier Domino Demilee McKenna
KEC Jackalynn Charlotte Harding Ember Eric Smith
Pinecroft Galaxy Ian Moore Baby Charlton Sarah M Kelly
CSF Tamara Edward Mulligan Lincourt Quality Kevin Mackey
Kensington Ballyheerin Revel Janie Cairns CHS Jetblue Kathryn O’Hagan
Caugherty Ruby Barry McCormack Daphne Sammy Weston
Tullys Cherry Sammy Weston Louieland Barry McCormack
Kensington Absolute Janie Cairns FJH Rockadoon Katie McEntee
Baile An Doire Emerald Lorraine Leavesley Pinecroft Galaxy Ian moore
Mullaghroy Fireheart Edward Mulligan Rathcashel Beach Charlotte Harding
Lynara Rioja Sammy Weston Cascum Arka Declan McParland
Drumillar Balto Abby Morton Neras Diamond Hannah McCoosh
Something about Mary Lou Donna Campbell JKS Vienna Shannon Robinson
Keeford High Rise Lauren McGlennon I Aint No Lady Helen Pearson – Murray
RJC Numero Estrella Mackenzie Healy Diamond Beach Babe Mellisa McKee
Salsa Lynne Russell Lady of Honour Robert McKee
Ardnaglass Lizzy Paddy Ward Dunnanew Sunset Mary McLeigh
Beach House Ellie Rose Martin Baile An Doire Emerald Lorraine Leavesley
Carrignard Rosie Touch Charlotte Brown LMD Douglas Swatch Clara McGuire
Fendi Spy Victoria Surgeoner Drumiller Balto Abby Morton
HSC Eye Candy Ryan Hunter SDS Tilly Stephen Darragh
I Aint No Lady Helen Pearson – Murray Lisnasure Jessica Perry
It’s Partytime Coco Helen Pearson – Murray Ballylurgan What Lux Hannah Thompson
Miss Jones Shannon McKenzie Crystal Belle Emma Mooney
Wrenwood Springtime Catherine Thornton Cluain Mor Celtic Jonathan Smyth
Sophia Casallco Norman Campbell Kensignton Ballyheerin Revel Janie Cairns
LCC Ratatouille Annie Courtney Cadam Its Fifty Seven Stephanie Wilding
Lisnasure Jessica Perry Curolea Ivie Suzanne Posnett
SydneyVolo Niamh McFall Charming CVN Angela Waras
Berry Burn Shining Star Joe Harding Elamo Eye Candy Trudie McCoosh
Cazadee Barry McCormack Castledoe Companion Niamh McDaid
Its Fifty Seven Stephanie Wilding LMK Nataya Laura Clotworthy
Owlswood Lady Maeve Clarke Lui G Kirsten Farr
Tullyheerin Princess Ria Luke Barton Castledoe Olive Niamh McDaid
Kilmainham Roan Una McSorley
Reet Petite Colleen McArdle
Baybreese Richard McIvor
Lisnafiffy Marley C Jordan Campbell
Lisava Tiffani Erin Ardbuckle
Ballyknock Izzy Naoimh Laverty